Jeffrey Philip Nelson





On May 7th, 1983, in a small suburban town of Los Angeles CA, Jeffrey Philip Nelson was named into this world. Raised by his parents, grandparents, and four sisters, Jeffrey's introduction to music was laying in the back of his parents old GMC suburban and listening to the sounds of Dave Mason, Dan Fogelberg, and Christopher Cross, the definitive folk sounds of the eighties. Although the lineage of neither father or mother had any musical background at all, Jeffrey memorized the delicious melodies he heard through these car speakers and learned what a scale was through the memorization of sound enjoyment. At his first year of piano lessons, Nelson avoided the instruction he was given, and just played what his ears told him were right. This came to be what wrote every song this artist put to paper. During his Junior year in high school, Jeffrey had a time crippling surf accident in Redondo Beach that rendered him bed ridden for three months. During this time, his father purchased him his first guitar, a parlor sized, Canadian made Larrivee acoustic. Learning all by ear, Jeffrey wrote instrumental pieces until he graduated from college in 2001. From college until today, Jeffrey has built a successful construction business with his fathers help that has become his bread and butter. With its success, Jeffrey has purchased precious studio time and recording gear that has made up his 6 records Currently Jeffrey Philip Nelson is living in Redondo Beach with his childhood crush and sweet baby girl. Spotting him live is rare because of his demanding construction schedule and his great discomfort with social media. His life consists of surfing in the morning, building all day, eating dinner, and writing music while everyone is sleeping.