To submit your music to Starburst99 for airplay, just follow the guidelines below. We welcome new Indie talent and are actively looking for great Indie music.


Although it is a bit wordy, it basically states that you are giving your permission to broadcast your song(s) on Starburst99 internet radio and that you consider the value of exposure to be fair compensation for the use of your material. If you have any questions or reservations about any part of the agreement, drop us a note at Starburst99.


Send an email using the link below. Enter the artist's name and the track title in the body of the email. Then, click the SUBMIT MUSIC link below and upload your file. If you are submitting more than one file, you may list all titles in one email.




We will send you an email whether or not your music has been accepted for airplay. In addition, we will, from time to time, invite artists to join our Spotlight feature. In this case, you will be asked to provide a photo and biographical information for an artist page on our website.

Thank you very much for your interest in Starburst99 Internet Radio.


Starburst99 is an Internet radio station seeking music from independent artists for air play.

Before we will consider playing your music on Starburst99, you should first read the agreement below. By submitting music to Starburst99, you confirm that you agree with the terms and conditions stated below.

Basic Points of this Agreement

You confirm ownership of publishing rights, and the copyright, for all music you are submitting, or confirm that you are legally authorized to submit works on behalf on the rights owner(s).

You recognize that airplay by Internet radio stations is of value, and as such, represents sufficient compensation for the use of submitted material. You recognize that Starburst99 will not owe you, your record label, agent, or publisher any monies or royalties for playing or promoting your music in any way, fashion or form.

This is an airplay for exposure to your music exchange.

Airplay Exchange Agreement

The following represents an agreement between the composer, musician, artist, vocalist, musical group, record label, or agent acting on their behalf, and Starburst99 or any website affiliated with Starburst99.

The explicit intent of this agreement:

To make valid the use of your music, song(s), lyrics, or any musical composition owned by the composer, musician, artist, vocalist, musical group, or record label, in exchange for promotional exposure on Starburst99 Internet Radio.

Terms Used

Composer, Musician, artist, vocalist, musical group, record label, or agent acting on behalf of the musician, artist, vocalist, musical group, or record label, shall be referred to as "you." "your," or "yours." Starburst99, webcaster, music source, or web site affiliated with Starburst99, (As a group, they are referred to as "The Partners.")

Any song, composition, music, or lyrics provided by you shall be referred to as the "product”. Webcasters, Online / Internet Radio Station, Radio Station or Music Source shall refer to any person or company using the Internet as a transmission device for playing music, song(s), or lyrics over the Internet.


Your ownership of the copyright and publishing rights to any composition, music, song, or lyrics submitted by you to The Partners is mandated by this agreement. This is considered understood, and is acknowledged by you by submitting Product to Starburst99 for airplay.

Should it be discovered ownership of the copyright and publishing rights belong to anyone other than you, The Partners will be removed from any and all liability to pay, reimburse, and exchange money or merchandise to anyone claiming legal ownership to the copyright or publishing rights of submitted Product.

An explicit understanding exists that an acknowledgement by e-mail, or submission by using a form or method supplied by Starburst99, shall be considered a legally binding act between any party involved in this agreement: this includes the exchange of e-mail with or without name as long as the originating e-mail address is/has been used by the sending party at any time over the preceding six months, and if that e-mail address appears in the "From" heading as indicated by the recipient's email software program.

Agreement and Conditions

You agree to provide product on MP3, URL link, or WAV file to The Partners with no expectation of any remuneration; money, trade or merchandise. The Partners agree to present your product to Internet radio stations, webcasters, online radio stations, or music sources they have affiliations with if your song is selected for airplay at Starburst99.

The Partners do not guarantee airplay, exposure, promotion or use of your product. The Partners sole responsibility is in making your Product available to Starburst99 if it is accepted and listed at Starburst99.

The decision of your product being played on air on Starburst99 is at the sole discretion of The Partners. This decision may not be challenged in any way by you, your legal representative, agent, or label. (In other words, some songs we may feel are not appropriate for Starburst99. It is understood by you that the decision to expose your music, song(s), or lyrics to the public rest solely with Starburst99.

You also acknowledge that using the promotional value offered by The Partners is a fair exchange for use of your product.


The provisions of this agreement shall be binding upon you, your label, your agent, Starburst99, or any successor or merged company or companies acting on your behalf or on behalf of The Partners. This agreement shall automatically renew annually unless either party submits in writing to the other party intent to dissolve it. Written intention to dissolve this agreement must be made at least ninety days before the automatic renewal date.


Failure on the part of Starburst99 to enforce any provision of this agreement shall not constitute a waiver of its rights under such provision or any other provisions of this agreement.